2020 Abbondanza Montepulciano D'Abruzzo (1L)

12 / 49

Fuller bodied, dry red that's a bold coffee lover's dream. Dark ruby with hints of cherries, plum, and vanilla; with an extra long finish that will keep you coming back for more. 1 Liter bottle.
Abruzzo, Italy

2019 La Petit Ferme Rouge

13 / 40

80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Carignan, 10% Marsalan. Light to medium bodied Moroccan native that earned its place on this roster, Delicate aromas of red cherries and rose petals.
Zaër, Morocco

2018 Scala Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore

13 / 43

Gaglioppo. Medium-pale, morello cherry red with a hint of chestnut.
Calabria, Italy

2019 Beaujolais Jean-Marc Burgaud 'Vignes de Lantignie'

14 / 46

Gamay. Get lost in the woods at dusk foraging for mushrooms.
Burgundy, France

2020 Cocoricot Malbec

15 / 49

50% Malbec, 50% Merlot. "Cocoricot" - the French version of a rooster's "cock-a-doodle-doo" - show's a little more smoothness than your traditional Malbec. Extra fruity. Plenty of birds on this bottle - you're encouraged to flip it.
Cahors, France

2018 Le Cirque de l'Amoureux (The Circus of the Lover)

16 / 51

100% Mondeuse. Light bodied chillable red that takes your mouth on a fun little party time dance. Has a lot of pop.
Savoie, France

2018 Kiko Calvo Bigardo

17 / 61

100% Tempranillo. A big and bold Tinta de Toro (what the Toro locals call Tempranillo). Dark fruits and licorice. Don't run with the bulls, drink them. Fan of the Terre Rouge? You'll love this.
Toro, Spain 🤘

2018 Stilianou Great Mother Red


100% Mandilaria. Provocative dry chillable red with red cherry and salted plum vibes. Inspired by the Mother goddess, this bottle represents fertility, nature, and vegetation. How much do we love that?
Crete, Greece

2020 Staffelter Hof Little Red Riding Wolf Pinot Noir


Woodsy on the nose, mildly sharp on the palate. Vanilla and blackberry. If a pie were a wine.
Mosel, Germany

2019 Chapuis & Chapuis Burgundy (Savigny-lès-Beaune)


NSFW Description alert. Astounding aromatic pleasure, borderline sexual in nature. Black cherry liqueur, fresh forest floor, crushed stone, blood orange rind. Strong weight and chiseled muscle in the mouth, lingers long before melting in your mouth upon swallowing. Ultra deep and broad.
Burgundy, France

2020 L’Escale Sauvignon Blanc

13 / 40

Lovely natural Sauv Blanc. Light & bright in texture, yet surprisingly fruit-driven without being too sweet.
Vallée de la Loire, France

2018 Pasini San Giovanni 'Il Lugana' Turbiana

13 / 42

Citrus, strong honey. Fresh and tasty with an elegant body. (The bottle itself has a fun lil body too). Fruity bouquet and nutty aroma.
Garda, Italy

2019 Mas Des Agrunelles Nicot Blanc

13 / 46

50% Grenache Blanc, 50% Marsanne. Medium-bodied, dry. Almond paste with hints of baked apple, pear, lemon, and herb against a nice streak of acidity.
Languedoc, France

2020 ANN Vernaccia

14 / 49

100% Vernaccia. Dry and crispy. Apples, pears, lemons, and a hint of saltiness. Cuts right through all the veggies here perfectly.
Tuscany, Italy

2019 P'tit Barriot White Syrah

15 / 50

100% Syrah - but white! Puckering and ~~red-fruited~~ clear and stony as if the energy of a Syrah was infused into a delicate white. Throw everyone off at the table by ordering "the Syrah" and don't act surprised when it comes back white.
Roussillon, France

2020 Le Petit Salé

15 / 54

Clairette Vermentino blend. Elegant floral and mineral aromas with hints of white peach and lemon. The salinity is alive and well with the Château de Roquefort mainstay.
Rhone, France

2018 Moraima Albariño

16 / 55

Light, dry, and zesty. Floral aromas over ripe stone fruits with a mineral hint. Can't Summer in Ibiza this year? This is your consolation prize.
Rías Baixas, Spain

2017 Gorda Blanca

16 / 57

Muscat of Alexandria dominant Cuvèe that is smoky as hell. Unfined, unfiltered, as funky as natural wines get. If you like Mezcal but don't want to end up on the floor, this is the happy medium.
Maule Valley, Chile

2018 Inconnu Chenin Blanc

17 / 59

100% Chenin Blanc. Sleek and Salty. An easy and inviting ride. A simple taste isn't enough.
Clarksburg, CA

2020 La Pépie

18 / 61

Jacquère La Pépie meaning “thirst” in Savoyard dialect is a chiseled and stony floral wine with citrus notes.Thirst-quenching.
Savoie, France

2019 Florez Moonmilk Chardonnay


Ocean mists and verdant redwood forests. As smooth as macadamia milk with flavors of wild fennel and sea salt.
Santa Cruz, CA

2020 Staffelter Hof Little Bastard


The bastard child of Riesling and Sauv Blanc. Ultra citrusy, big grapefruits, and a hint of salt. If you like mimosas, you'd love this.
Mosel, Germany

2019 Buddha’s Dharma Chenin Blanc


Smooth and round, flows delicately. Delicious and savory notes of straw, honey, and minerality. This one's got the funk.
Mendocino, CA

2018 Fattoria Mancini Blanco de Pinot Noir


100% Pinot Noir. That's right. You read that right. A ~white~ Pinot. Barrel fermented, aged 12 mo. in oak. Brings together Burgundy traits with a juicy ‘sweet-green’ acidity. Worthy of celebrating Italy's EURO title with Roberto Mancini himself. Forza Azzurri 🇮🇹
Pesaro, Italy

2020 Populis Rosé

14 / 49

Carignane-Zin blend. Fleshy, tropical, and light, without compromising savoriness (is that a word?). Classic Rosé notes.
Mendocino County, CA

2020 Susucaru Rosato


One of the most sought-after natural cuvées on the planet. A blend of red and white grapes (Malvasia, Moscadella, Cattaratto, Nerello Mascalese) farmed on Mt. Etna's volcanic soils result in explosive flavors. Think cranberries, rock salt and a rosemary sprig. Sean's fave. Limited quant!!!
Sicily, Italy
Orange (Skin-Contact)

2019 Los Conejos Malditos Blanco Con Madre

14 / 49

60% Malvar & 40% Airén. High altitude, warm summer days and cool nights are ideal conditions for perfect grape ripening. It's also perfect for the swarms of rabbits that ravage these farmlands. Don't let the vermin win. Enjoy a glass of this med-bodied orange with slight creaminess and excellent mouthfeel.
La Mancha, Spain

2019 L’Archetipo Greco Bianco

16 / 52

4-5 day skin contact 100% Greco Bianco. Super floral and mineral-driven for an orange wine. Smells of flower and honey.
Puglia, Italy

2019 Ferlat Silvano PG Rosa Bianco

17 / 55

100% Pinot Grigio. Has a certainly unexpected brazenness to it. Auburn hue with a fitting finish to follow. Herbaceous and lively as hell.
Venezia, Italy

2020 Meinklang Mulatschak

17 / 59

Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Traminer blend with 5-7 days of contact on the skins. Peaches and cream on a warm Summer day. In the mouth is creamy and aromatic topped with minerality.
Burgenland, Austria

2020 Lovamor Blanco

18 / 66

100% Albillo. 1 week skin contact. Golden yellow, sucks you in with revealing aromas of pretty flowers, then massages you gently with notes of honeysuckle. Olivia's favorite - can't miss.
Castilla y Leon, Spain

2018 Matic Get the Party Started


6 months of skin-contact. Bone-dry Riesling, cloudy, with great texture. White flowers and dried fruit on the nose.
Štajerska, Slovenia

Château de la Liquière L'unique Gaz de Schiste Pet’Nat Rosé

15 / 49

Unnecessarily long name for a straight to the point, no-nonsense, bubbly rosé. 50% Grenache 50% Mourvèdre. Dry, but packed with fun fruits. Get it while it's hot.
Faugeres, France

NV Matic Mea

17 / 58

Love beer but need to compromise with a wine? This one's for you. Sipon varietal, slightly citrusy, but with a fun yeast-like quality. Great summertime bubbles.
Štajerska, Slovenia

Vincent Couche 'Elegance' Champagne


Dried rose petals, great fruit profile. Slightly warmer climate leads to ripeness and expression. Celebrate one time. One of only 3 certified biodynamic producers in the region.
Côte des Bar, France
CORKAGE FEE – 750 ml: 25
On Tap (12 / 16oz)

Jiant Guavamente Hard Kombucha (Guava & Mint)

9 / 11

Los Angeles, CA 4.5%

Mikkeller Burst! West Coast IPA

8 / 10

San Diego, CA 5.9%

Calidad Mexican-Style Lager

8 / 10

Santa Barbara, CA 4.5%

M. Special American Lager

7 / 9

Goleta, CA 4.7%

Tarantula Hill Liquid Candy Hazy IPA

9 / 11

Thousand Oaks, CA 7.5%

Frogtown Brewery Kinky Blonde Ale

7 / 9

Frogtown, Los Angeles, CA 5.2%
Bottles & Cans

Nesher Malt "Black Beer"


Non-alcoholic toasted malt beverage. Chocolatey, nutty, bright and fresh.
11.2oz Netanya, Israel 0.0%

House Beer Premium Lager


12oz Venice, CA 4.8%

Juneshine Grapefruit Paloma


12oz San Diego, CA 6.0%

Goldstar Lager


11.2oz Netanya, Israel 4.9%

Mason Ale Works Muninn Pilsner


16oz San Marcos, CA 4.5%

LeBron Haze Hazy IPA (Double Dry Hopped with Australian Galaxy)


16oz San Diego, CA 7.5%

Juneshine Midnight Painkiller (Coconut, Pineapple, Orange, Nutmeg, Charcoal)


16oz San Diego, CA 6.0%
Spread (Each served w/ 2 pitas)



Mildly spicy Moroccan roasted tomato dish.



Garbanzo paste - a must.



Roasted eggplant spread. Fire. (not spicy).



Sesame tears.

Spicy Tahini*


Tortured sesame tears.

Vegan Labneh*


Almond based.

Add'l Side of Pita (2)*


Fresh bread warms the soul.

Stuffed grape leaves*


6 served, stuffed with rice



Tossed in our moroccan dressing. Really light and bright

Moroccan Carrots*


Spicy, zesty.

Pita with Za'atar*


Generously brushed with olive oil and our za'atar mix and baked to a crunch. Served with a dollop of tahini

Vegan Bourekas (Vegan filled with Beyond® meat)*


2 Sephardic puff pastries each filled with Beyond meat



Assortment of 5 bourekas. Flaky Sephardic pastry baked crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Potential servings include potato (dairy free), feta, feta/pesto/olive mix. *Cannot* be made vegan.

Untitled Vegan Cheese & Olive Dish


House vegan "cheese" (soy based) onion dip, black/green olives, and crispy red onions & thyme.
🚨 NEW as of 10/15 - feedback is encouraged🚨 (Also obviously looking for name suggestions. Couldn't come up with anything. pls help).

Cherry Tomato & Pomegranate


Cherry tomatoes & pomegranate seeds (grown on the fam orchard) over a bed of honey infused whipped cottage mousse. Sprinkled with pistachios and drizzled with our lemon balsamic fig dressing. Perfect as a sweet-ish app (or maybe even save for dessert 😋)

Israeli Salad*


Tomato, cucumber, onions, parsley, lemon

Cauliflower Salad*


Parsley, red onion, chili flakes, cranberry, sunflower and pepitas seeds

Kale Salad**


Shredded carrot, feta, shaved brussels, red onion, pepitas and sunflower seeds

Za'atar Labneh


Sweet & savory

Lemon Garlic Aoili


Maghrebi Tahini*


Middle East meets North Africa in our take on a pickled lemon spicy tahini




Red Lentil Soup**


Okay so it's definitely Fall now and the only reason we're here for it is because of this soup. Dash of garlic, a dose of onions, slightly citrusy. Nourishing.

Roasted cauliflower & za'atar labneh**


Straight veggies. Sweet & savory labneh to dip
+$5 for vegan labneh

Charred Broccoli w/ Lemon Garlic Aioli**


Self Explanatory. Highly recommended. Limited quant available.

Mozzarella flatbread


Grape, red onion, honey, fresh oregano

Babaganoush flatbread


Tomato, parsley, dill, and lots of almond flakes.

Ricotta & goat cheese flatbread


Brussels, tomato, cracked pepper, lemon

Maghrebi Potatoes*


Roasted spuds on a bed of our maghrebi tahini

Jerusalem Bagel Toast


Provolone, schug (spicy), kale, shredded carrots, tomato, pesto.



Semolina gain supported by a rotating cast of seasonal vegetables & garbanzo

Soda by the Can


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Bottled Water


Stay hydrated.

Perrier (Bottle)



Nesher Malt "Black Beer"


Non-alcoholic toasted malt beverage. Chocolatey, nutty, bright and fresh.
11.2oz Netanya, Israel 0.0%
Sweets (Limited production, weekly rotating menu baked by “Ema” herself)

Vegan Date Brownie (Gluten Free)


Dates, walnuts, cocoa powder. Vegan, gluten-free.

Halva Cake


As if you haven't had enough sesame already. Rich and creamy.

Tahini Cake


As if you haven't had enough sesame already (same as above kinda, but different). Rich and creamy.


Merch (coming soon)


Standby for fun gear.

Merch (coming soon)


Standby for fun gear.

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